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Digimon World 2 Hardmode

Hack of Digimon World 2


Improvement :

Version 2.4

1. Add DNA-Up chip at Digital City part vendor (replacing Crab bat-1) 2. Fixing Full hp recovery (aoe) / Full recovery (single) effect, now it can be affected by “cant recover HP” skills. note: when it successfully used without being hit by “cant recover HP” skills, it still fully heal HP but the text says 0 (no worries, it is intended like that)

Version 2.3

1. Reduce imbalance stats (HP, def, attack, speed) on boss and coliseum team

2. Adjusting enemy skills (now every boss and coliseum teams have 3 skills activated)

Version 2.2

Digivolve line and skills change read (readme)above

1. minor adjustment for some skill

2. adjust last boss stats

3. fix deltamon team ( thanks to Greybeast feed back )

Version 2.1

1. Fixing MP steal tech base power

2. Adding elemental power for each skills (i.e, Terra force now Fire elemental, in before it was non-elemental)

3. Adding elemental stats for every Digimon (Every digimon now have its own specialty, Digimon specialty mostly based from Digimon Cardbattle refference)

4. Correcting Baihumon, Diaboromon, Omegamon overworld sprite, technique, and team member at Tera Domain

Version 2.0

1. Modified skill stats and debuff

Version 1.0

1. Dungeon boss stats, skill tech, and attack pattern

2. Colosseum team and attack pattern

3. Digivolution up to mega form (all digimon)

4. Kimeramon and Chaos generals obtainable through digivolution (DP needed)

5. Dna-dn chip sold at digibeetle part shop Digital city only

6. Re-scaling exp obtained from wild digimons and dungeon bosses

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Digimon World 2 [U] [SLUS-01193]
  • CRC = B0CD9681
  • Extension = use .bin format after patching




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
DeanTendeanLevelsModifying Stats, Exp, Enemy team, Attack pattern and Digivolution

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User Reviews
Nice one satanGreybeast09 Sep 20202.1Yes