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StarTropics (MMC3)

Hack of StarTropics


This patch converts StarTropics from mapper MMC6 to MMC3. It is only useful for any emulators that still rely on the CRC or hash of the ROM to enable MMC6.

This patch is intended to be combined with other patches such as the infamous “StarTropics (Music Fix)” by rainwarrior and the “nesce_mempatches” from rhester72.


ROM / ISO Information:

  • StarTropics (USA).nes
  • CRC32: 2ed79b73
  • MD5: 02c6bc59abdf527679a7962c5b390ea6
  • SHA-1: fdd3d68c7b5b2f9dc7ec50d9888b0a8edbaaec28
  • SHA-256: caa1930a1e40c8d011cc61af66a78cd1927a7cfbfc1b1dcce9aa996f9bda1257
  • CRC32: 4f3e8821
  • MD5: 5ebcc6f57d5a51eca00893cbce32252f
  • SHA-1: 3f7360936bd98230194a86e496ce9cbf6d2d08a4
  • SHA-256: 3a00215234cd40deacfe9caf49af4048282b384c30687f01b108bd11006aabd2
  • --
  • StarTropics (Europe).nes
  • CRC32: 3fc29044
  • MD5: fcd4c76357c780a01093a9e199d94089
  • SHA-1: 7f78375d7ecf05e9c177b33e36e34addd3daed44
  • SHA-256: 3a48ffe57f8a7501a8f4cd4efdb8070c8cec39d91dfaa9c468d7c2b9f0e1ebc9
  • CRC32: a3c74c57
  • MD5: 0d594151c393c7a730bd3de95d6aa534
  • SHA-1: 9459b9c0da7052528688bbae61fec43cc51502eb
  • SHA-256: 170bf8e8378f1eb847f4b97f51a5d7ae2feb03048bce870b80b7400e582b863c




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Long overduezoinknoise08 Jun 20201.0Yes