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No Missable Monsters

Hack of Secret of Mana


This hack revises the monster spawn table to make it so every monster in the game can still be encountered at the end of the game. In the original game, several monsters could no longer be encountered once certain dungeons were cleared. This hack prevents that.

Previously disappearing monsters and where you can re-encounter them:

  • Luka now keeps an Ice Thug in her basement as a (very dangerous!) pet. Visit him at your own risk.
  • Werewolf: Haunted Forest.
  • Polter Chair: Haunted Forest.
  • Evil Sword: Haunted Forest.
  • Golbin: Gaia’s Navel.
  • Tomato Man: Matango Caves.
  • Chess Knight: Matango Caves.
  • Mystic Book: Ice Country.
  • Specter: Ice Country.
  • Emberman: Kakkara Desert.
  • Robin Foot: Kakkara Desert.
  • Imp: Kakkara Desert.
  • Red Drop: Moon Palace.
  • Dark Funk: Moon Palace.
  • Fierce Head: Empire Sewers.
  • Dark Ninja: Mana Fortress.
  • Steelpion: Mana Fortress.
  • Wizard Eye: Mana Fortress.
  • Ghoul: Mana Fortress.
  • Gremlin: Mana Fortress.
  • Nitro Pumpkin: Mana Fortress.
  • Griffin Hand: Mana Fortress.
  • Mushgloom: Mana Fortress.
  • Ghost: Mana Fortress.

Last but not least, some monsters that were stuck in walls and thus unencounterable have been fixed in this hack. None are unique, but this will increase the density of monsters in a few dungeons.

The monsters stuck in walls were:

  • A Mystic Book in Northtown Ruins.
  • A Bomb Bee on Lofty Mountains.
  • Two Captain Ducks in Underground City.
  • A Fierce Head in Underground City.

Some important things to note:

  • Apply this to an unheadered ROM.
  • How to combine this with the Variable Width Font hack: 1. Apply VWF, 2. Remove header, 3. Apply No Missable Monsters, 4. Apply No Missable Monsters VWF support.
  • How to combine this with Relocalized: 1. Apply Relocalized, 2. Apply No Missable Monsters, 3. Apply No Missable Monsters Relocalized support.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Secret of Mana (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: D0176B24
  • MD5: 10A894199A9ADC50FF88815FD9853E19
  • SHA-1: 8133041A363E3CC68CEDEF40B49B6D20D03C505D
  • SHA-256: 4C15013131351E694E05F22E38BB1B3E4031DEDAC77EC75ABECEBE8520D82D5F




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