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Magical Herb

Hack of Secret of Mana


This hack changes the Medical Herb into the Magical Herb, rendering it slightly more useful / less useless. Now in addition to removing negative status effects, it will remove positive ones too. This is as though both Remedy and Dispel Magic were cast on you. This is especially useful if you need to remove Wall status, since it is not possible to cast Dispel Magic on yourself.

Because the Herb no longer has uniformly positive effects due to removing positive statuses as well as negative ones, its animation has been changed into a sort of cross between the original Remedy effect and the Dispel Magic spell effect. Now it looks mostly like Dispel Magic, but with some blue tinges thrown in to signify that it eliminates both positive and negative status effects.

Apply this to an unheadered ROM.

Thanks to Timbo for inspiring this concept. The development of this hack was a side effect of helping Timbo with a similar (though mutually exclusive) item mod Timbo is building, so check that out too!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Secret of Mana (U) [!].SMC
  • Header: NO
  • CRC32: 229BA7E4
  • MD5: 759A3837E5C16AF31464EF6192731EEB
  • SHA1: 4E214F3C987F842C2C68E77B99FC9760F6BB753D




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