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Samurai Shodown Anthology - Hidden Characters

Hack of Samurai Shodown Anthology


Improvement in Samurai Shodown:

  • Enable Amakusa as a selectable character.

Improvement in Samurai Shodown II:

  • Enable Kuroko, and Mizuki as selectable characters.

Improvement in Samurai Shodown III:

  • Enable Zankuro, and Kuroko as selectable characters.

Improvement in Samurai Shodown IV:

  • Enable Zankuro as a selectable character.

Improvement in Samurai Shodown V:

  • Enable Yumeji, Sankuro, Poppy, and Gaoh as selectable characters.

A curious fact: All the hidden characters have a proper ‘Skill list’ detailed at the pause menu.

The patch can be applied to the iso file through the program Delta Patcher which can be found in this site.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Samurai Shodown Anthology (SLES-55292)




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
[John]HackingHexadecimal edition and patching

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