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Illusion of Time - NTSC Patch

Hack of Illusion of Gaia


Patches for converting PAL versions of Illusion of Time into NTSC for 60 FPS awesomeness and original game speed, both for headered and unheadered ROMs.

Also, the patches are made for each PAL version of the game individually, so that checksum errors are corrected upon patching. Besides changing the destination code of the ROM, the region lockout had to be removed additionally.

The Spanish version has it’s own region protection. All other patches are interchangeable (though by doing so, unimportant checksum errors appear).

Information about every supported ROM are included in the readme file.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Illusion of Time (Germany)
  • ROM MD5 68E1492BDDEA04D457D77705C77C74E1
  • ROM SHA-1 24711CE599F1F61E9B3CAC3D117D5D9C37FF759F
  • ROM CRC32 1A7C8541




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