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Pokemon Elite Black & Elite White

Hack of Pokémon: Black Version


In-game Pokemon battles used to be a great chance for new trainers to learn more about battling and to have fun with the Pokemon video games. This hack is not for such people. Over the course of 5 months, the best and most annoying Pokemon sets, Pokemon teams and battle strategies have all been construed together in this one-of-a-kind Pokemon hack. No longer is a trainer considered strong because of a few higher levels or one or two items being held by one of their Pokemon.

Ace Trainers will stop at nothing to destroy your team, gym leaders doing whatever they can to stop you from getting their badge and the need for an increasing amount of recovery items make your new journey around the Unova region an extremely painstaking one. You will have to use the Amulet Coin, spend all your money on recovery items and make tough in-battle sacrifices just to make it through each route in this new transformation of the Unova region. You will have to keep those recovery items close at hand as you journey through this new transformation of a Pokemon game.


  • Complete moveset overhauls for every in-game trainer.
  • Pokemon variety - assuming you beat every trainer in the game, you will have seen every non-legendary pokemon in the national pokedex.
  • Economy deficit - Unova trainers now have half the money they normally had. however, The Riches and Ladies have grown to power, having over 4x the money they normally had.
  • Gym Leader upgrade - All gym leaders have much harder teams, with much higher levels than the original pokemon Black and White.
  • Short Insight:

    Many trainers have a special upgrade or characteristic that makes their pokemon more unique or the trainer having different items in their bag. Most classes have a certain group of pokemon that they all use, such as scientists having mysterious pokemon such as elgyem, and doctors having healing pokemon such as Audino.


    Clerks have access to all TMs. While most trainers’ TM choices are restricted based on where they are, clerks can use any that they wish on their pokemon (that can legally learn them). Be careful!

    Ace Trainers & Veterans

    These trainers are in to win it all. They often use full 6-Pokemon teams, many of which are exact copies of good competitive battlers. PDC, SnorlaxDude and a few other top PO battlers have helped in creating teams for these trainers.

    Doctors & Nurses

    They have access to very powerful healing items. Don’t be surprised if they use revives or full restores, or even max revives!

    The Riches

    These people, as you might guess, are rich. In a region full of low-wage trainers, these people are a relief to battle against. Unfortunately, their pokemon difficulty will make the monetary reward much to be earned!

    Thanks To:

  • The guy who made BWTE
  • for providing Pokemon information.
  • Cirrus for showing me how to work with the ROM.
  • PDC, SnorlaxDude and Whiscash28 for providing some advanced teams.
  • Instructions:

  • Download XDelta GUI, along with the version below that you want. XDelta:
  • open up xDelta GUI, and select both the pokemon Black / White ROM you have and the patch that you just downloaded below.
  • Hit Apply Patch.
  • Let the madness begin.
  • ROM / ISO Information:

    • Country: USA
    • CRC32 B40C31A1
    • MD5 95069F426F67880274CC2DEDF63D8FB8
    • SHA-1 593422B5BC59D0F72B1445FCF59A2C56F0320BD1




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