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Breath of Fire Text Cleanup

Hack of Breath of Fire


The first entry of the Breath of Fire series, to date, is the only one of the core series that uses the outdated old names for people and things, not to mention an awkward script. Add all the odd abbreviations onto that and you have one merrible tess! What to do, what to do?

Don’t worry! The author decided to release his text cleanup patch to the public. It adds in character name labels where necessary, updates important names for continuity, and renames items for tons of clarity!

Note on character names:

  • Ryu’s name is Zack by default in Breath of Fire I; the author tried to change it, but was unable
  • Bo is named Gary in Breath of Fire III’s intro, so this was for consistency
  • Karn is name-dropped in Ryusui’s Breath of Fire II retranslation as Danq
  • Bleu is named Deis in Breath of Fire III and IV
  • Gobi and Ox weren’t renamed Manillo and Worker, their names in Breath of Fire III, because of the 4-letter limit

You’re free to rename everyone when you get to Prima Town.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Breath of Fire (U) (Mode7).gba
  • Mode7 Release (4,194,304 bytes)
  • CRC-32: 4BBBE9A2
  • MD-5: 8C0D04E7909814C1BDBA874A5A84EB4D
  • SHA-1: 04C15F2B2E7C504F40B97E3A30F2CD591BC7AEF8
  • (While the readme states that the patch is intended for the Mode7 scene release of the ROM, it will work with no issues on the No-Intro verified USA ROM (CRC-32: F06422A8), and will actually clean the Mode7 ROM by removing the unskippable intro hack.)




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Great little non-translationChronosplit10 May 2014N/AYes