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7th Saga: The New Class

Hack of The 7th Saga


Among its many flaws, one weakness of The 7th Saga was that the characters were almost carbon copies of each other, limiting replay value. In this hack, based on the improvements already made in my 7th Saga Redux hack, the characters have been given familiar classes based on Final Fantasy 1, with different stats and spells. Because this version can be played with minimal grinding, it’s a lot easier to try out each class and learn its unique playing style. The classes:

RedMage (Kamil): Well-rounded in all areas Fighter (Olvan): Tough physical warrior with healing magic Bl.Mage (Esuna): Powerful offensive mage Bl.Belt (Wilme): Expert in unarmed combat Robot (Lux): The ultimate defensive tank Wh.Mage (Valsu): Healing and support mage Thief (Lejes): Master of stealth and sabotage

ROM / ISO Information:

  • 7th Saga.smc - HxD
  • CRC-32 6D4FCD15
  • SHA-1 23727FB7F232DE3251B2D70735F088D7BABC8665
  • SHA-256 2BE78501D4996729D56ADD60D5BDCA2B46E2455E4060345E6B582BB4E7715021
  • MD-5 EE4CF43F6FB14C025993AF550665998D




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