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Castlevania Legends

Game Boy

Game Description:

Okay game but falls short of it’s Gameboy predecessors. The graphics in the game are kinda bad as they lack the detail found in CV II: Belmont’s Revenge. The music is also not as good as the previous Gameboy games but some might find them catchy. There is a rendition of Bloody Tears on the first stage so that is a plus. The new weapons aren’t so great aside from the health replenishing power. Sonia’s Burning ability is useful against boss and all the bosses aside from the final boss which has 2 forms can be beaten without much effort. The gameplay is good enough as Sonia can move while in mid-air and can also move while crouching. The level design isn’t that great but the multiple paths can extend gameplay a bit. Try it if you like Castlevania but beware that this game was removed from the official Castlevania canon. So the events of this game don’t really happen in the official continuity.