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Blaster Master

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Blaster Master (known as Chou Wakusei Senki Metafight in Japan) is a action-adventure game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


1 Document
Blaster Master Level FormatGame Specific07 Mar 2004

2 Utilities
ReMasterLevel Editors08 Aug 2011
Blaster Construction KitLevel Editors07 Mar 2004

1 Translation
Blaster Master (ES)Fully Playable16 Nov 2018

15 Hacks
Blaster Master Area SelectImprovement05 Jan 2021
Blaster Master (Quadrant)Complete06 Nov 2020
Blaster Master (Savanna)Complete06 Nov 2020
Blaster Master (Wastelands)Complete05 Nov 2020
Blaster Master MMC5 PatchImprovement14 May 2020
Blaster Master - Metafight AlphaImprovement05 Sep 2018
Blaster BasterdComplete17 Jul 2018
Metroid - Dark AllianceComplete28 Jan 2018
Endless flightImprovement13 Jul 2017
Blaster Master MMC1 to MMC3 HackImprovement07 Jun 2015