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Secret of Mana

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

A long time ago,there was chaos in the world. The mana tree restored peace to the land. An ancient sword in stuck in the ground, keeping the balance between good and evil. A young man is tricked into pulling the sword out of the ground,plunging the world into chaos. He must travel the world and fight to restore peace to the land.


3 Utilities
SOM Drop EditGame Specific31 Jul 2013
Secret of Mana EditorGame Specific30 Jun 2013
Secret of Mana Level & Stat EditorGame Specific11 Nov 2011

3 Translations
Secret of Mana (KO)Fully Playable30 Nov 2012
Secret of Mana (ES)Fully Playable28 Feb 2010
Secret of Mana (IT)Fully Playable24 Sep 2001

11 Hacks
Restore Unused FanfaresImprovement30 Jun 2018
Early LunaImprovement30 Jun 2018
Drop Table BalanceImprovement08 Nov 2017
Secret of Mana - NTSC PatchImprovement04 Mar 2017
Secret of Mana Scroll HackImprovement28 Jun 2016
Secret of Mana MSU-1Improvement21 Jun 2015
Secret of Mana Proper-caserImprovement13 Jan 2013
Item Limit "9" PatchImprovement09 Jun 2009
Secret of Mana Hard ModeImprovement08 Jan 2008
SD2 ImprovementImprovement29 Mar 2001