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Mega Man II

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Mega Man 2 is the most popular of the Mega Man games, and everyone just loves it to death, but… to me, it’s kind of forgettable for some reason. It’s hard to really explain why… but if you love it, that’s all that matters!

The game adds a few things to the series, such as there being 8 robot masters, as opposed to the first game, which was the only one which only had 6. The game also added energy tanks, which help a lot. You can use them to restore yourself to full life at any time! The game also added sequences to get a glimpse of what you just obtained from the stage, which the original Mega Man didn’t have. If you were playing 1 for the first time, you could completely overlook the fact that you just got a new ability!

The music is quite an improvement from the first game overall, and of course, we have the amazing Wily Castle theme that everyone knows and loves! It’s a great track!

The game is quite a bit easier than the first game, and also 3, and the ironic thing is that there’s a way to make the game even easier! You have the option of playing on either normal or difficult. In the Japanese version, there was only difficult mode. Difficult mode uses the standard rules of thumb the Mega Man series, so it’s considered to be the regular difficulty.

Mega Man 3 is my personal favourite of the NES games, and 1 is my second favourite, but 2… I don’t really know why I don’t care for it as much. I guess it just has a plain feel to it. It’s still a great game, though, and you should definitely play it!