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Super Mario Kart

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

The first Mario Kart game ever. There are four cups to race each with 5 tracks a-piece. Excellent multiplayer game. Co-op or versus.


6 Utilities
Epic EditLevel Editors21 Nov 2021
MAKELevel Editors13 Oct 2008
SMK MashupGame Specific20 Apr 2008
MK ItemsGame Specific08 May 2007
Track DesignerGame Specific28 May 2002
MKeditGame Specific21 May 2002

1 Translation
Super Mario Kart (ES)Unfinished01 Oct 2020

88 Hacks
Super HitCombo Kart (Snowland Version)Complete25 Nov 2021
Super MK vs SF Kart (Luke Version)Complete24 Nov 2021
Super HitCombo KartComplete10 Oct 2021
Super MK vs SF Kart (D83 Version)Complete12 Sep 2021
Mario Kart SXComplete27 Aug 2021
Mirror ModeComplete14 Dec 2020
Super Luke KartComplete06 Dec 2020
Super Mario Kart: Super Circuit DemakeComplete25 Nov 2020
Super Mario Kart - Epic RacersComplete06 Nov 2020
Super Mario Kart - The Impala BattlesComplete14 Aug 2020