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Mega Man III

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Well, here we are. What most people consider to be the best in the classic series of Mega Man games. I find it to be my second least-favorite in the series. But that doesn’t mean at all that Mega Man III is a bad game.

The game starts off with… the title screen. It doesn’t tell us the story so in the later parts of the game we won’t understand why Dr. Light is saying in the later parts of the game. But after all, who plays Mega Man games for the plot? Also, we have an elusive character in the game called Break Man, who plays a good role in the story and helps him out in some cases.

The gameplay is the same from the last to games. Tight and responsive. But a two features we got here is our new robotic dog companion Rush, who transforms into various things like a springboard and a submarine, and the slide which helps you get into small areas. The level design is interesting, and the Doc Robot stages at the end was a nice touch. The enemies in the game is one of its flaws, a lot of them take a while to destroy, which was a bad idea in my book. The weapons aren’t really the best. Other than the Shadow Blade, Magnet Missile, and the Search Snake, the weapons are terrible or just lackluster and have no major use. The new menu screen we are presented with is clunky and awful to use. Unpolished, but it gets the job done.

The music, as always in a Mega Man game, is great. There are alot of good tunes in this game, my favorites being Magnet Man’s theme and the Ending theme. To me not my favorite soundtrack, but a great one at least.

The graphics are pretty nice for 1990. Some quirks here and there but overall they are nice to look at.

Mega Man III, while being one of my least-favorites, it is still a good Mega Man game. Still, it feels unpolished and unrefined. Probably why is because the game’s development team actually wanted more stuff to be included in the game. Until Capcom wanted to get it out quick to the public to cash in on the second game, and a lot of things had to be scrapped. This game, I recommend.