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Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Super Mario Bros. is a platforming game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


14 Documents
Super Mario Bros. Assembly MMC1 ConversionAssembly04 Apr 2017
SMBDisSource Code26 Jan 2015
Super Mario Brothers High Level DisassemblySource Code01 Feb 2013
Super Mario Bros. Music Hacking Guide (New Version)Game Specific25 Sep 2012
Super Mario Bros. 1 Music Data DocumentationGame Specific14 May 2008
Super Mario Brothers 1 Level Map BytesGame Specific19 Apr 2008
Comprehensive Guide to SMB1 Music HackingGame Specific01 Apr 2008
How to Use SMBEDGame Specific11 Jan 2008
SMB Utility FAQGame Specific11 Oct 2007
SMB Memory MapAssembly19 Mar 2007

16 Utilities
S.M.B. Remodeler (English)Miscellaneous13 Jul 2017
Python SMB Text EditorGame Specific10 Oct 2016
SMB NES ROM Text EditorGame Specific22 Jun 2016
Very Easy Super Mario Title EditorGame Specific15 Mar 2015
SMB UtilityLevel Editors16 Feb 2013
MarioTextEdGame Specific05 Jun 2009
NES_TitleEditer (SMB1Edit.)Graphics Editors04 Jan 2009
ISD SMB UtilLevel Editors21 Apr 2008
SMB Title Screen EditorGame Specific21 Jan 2006
SMBEDGame Specific15 Mar 2005

16 Translations
Super Mario Bros. (ES)Fully Playable22 Jun 2018
Super Mario Bros. (ES)Fully Playable10 Mar 2018
Super Mario Bros. (ID)Fully Playable05 Feb 2018
Super Mario Bros. (HU)Fully Playable04 May 2017
Super Mario Bros. (EO)Fully Playable18 Oct 2016
Super Mario Bros. (TL)Fully Playable11 Aug 2016
Super Mario Bros. (SV)Fully Playable08 Jun 2016
Super Mario Bros. (AR)Fully Playable04 Jun 2015
Super Mario Bros. (RO)Fully Playable26 Jun 2014
Super Mario Bros. (ZH)Fully Playable17 Jun 2014

280 Hacks
Virtual Boy MarioComplete25 Jul 2018
Super Mario Bros: Death MoonComplete24 Jul 2018
Super Koopa Bros.Improvement18 Jun 2018
Super Kaizo Bros.Complete03 Jun 2018
Super Luigi Bros.Improvement03 Jun 2018
The Adventures of Jerry Mouse: The Rescue of NibblesSpoof09 May 2018
Mario is Back!Complete23 Apr 2018
New Mario Bros.Complete04 Apr 2018
Super One UpImprovement02 Apr 2018
Super Mario Bros. Desert LandComplete26 Mar 2018