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Pac-Man GB - Redux Castlevania 2: Improved Controls Super Street Fighter II - Enhanced Colors Pac-Man GB - Redux

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    link to tkim's profile on PokeCommunity, where tkim is active posting about their ROM hack, Unofficial Pokémon Throwback, so that at least this page won't be completely empty
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311 Documents
Hacking Custom Intros Into SNES ROMsGraphics Hacking10 Jul 2018
Shift-JIS Encoded + HalfTable Files16 Jan 2018
Shift-JIS & UTF-8 TableTable Files27 Jul 2016
Shift-JIS w/ redone English LetteringTable Files27 Jul 2016
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637 Utilities
abcdeScript Extraction / Insertion08 Sep 2018
cmpdismAssembly Tools09 Aug 2018
PCSX 1.5 with Code MarkerDebuggers / Special Emulators02 Aug 2018
GIMP ROM image file pluginGraphics Editors15 Jul 2018
PSX-MODE2-ENData Extraction / Insertion02 Jul 2018
PSX address calculatorMiscellaneous01 Jun 2018
Byte managerMiscellaneous01 Jun 2018
PSIG - PlayStation instructions generatorAssembly Tools25 May 2018
DifFilesPatching06 May 2018
RomPatcher.jsPatching01 May 2018