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314 Documents
Lunar Address C# LibrarySource Code01 Apr 2021
Prizmatic's Strike Double D Back Sports SLAP BOXINGGame Specific03 Mar 2021
Hacking Custom Intros Into SNES ROMsGraphics Hacking10 Jul 2018
Shift-JIS Encoded + HalfTable Files16 Jan 2018
Shift-JIS & UTF-8 TableTable Files27 Jul 2016
Shift-JIS w/ redone English LetteringTable Files27 Jul 2016
Beginner's Hexadecimal and Binary GuideMiscellaneous21 Apr 2016
Anomie's S-DSP DocHardware Info.28 Sep 2015
Capcom MMC3 Sound Engine InformationAudio Hacking27 May 2015
How to make raster effects with the NES ?Hardware Info.21 May 2015

704 Utilities
The Nintendo 64 Gameshark Code InjectorMiscellaneous07 Dec 2021
Sable Text InserterScript Extraction / Insertion14 Nov 2021
Tilemap StudioGraphics Editors01 Nov 2021
SNES Opcode SearcherAssembly Tools29 Oct 2021
Ips2Exe LitePatching19 Oct 2021
ROM/ISO Table FinderSearching18 Oct 2021
PssMuxMiscellaneous13 Oct 2021
TAITO DeCompressCompression / Decompression12 Oct 2021
Advanced SNES ROM UtilityMiscellaneous08 Oct 2021
AFS PackerData Extraction / Insertion06 Sep 2021