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Super Robot Taisen Alpha


Game Description:

Super Robot Wars Alpha on PSX (and Dreamcast but barley anyone has THAT version) was the first Alpha game released and the second timeline that stretched more than a game Banpresto made (Obviously the Alpha timeline). You start off the game customizing your character with a face (8, 4 male 4 female), name, date of birth, and blood type, also choosing the Real Robot or Super Robot path.

Now, a lot of other reviewers say that SRW won’t be fun if you’re apparently not some hopeless shut in with no life. But I don’t buy that bull. Standalone, the game will give you enough plot-details about each series that plays even a medium role, so there’s no need to rush off watching old 70’s and 80’s Anime. Whats your drive for playing if you don’t like robots? Well none except being privy to the knowledge that you have some bizarre taste.

The game is an SRPG and unfortunately like other SRPGs (I.E. Fire Emblem) you will have a bunch of bench warmers. It plays like you might expect an SRPG to play, with the tiny exception of Spirit Commands (think of having 6 spells) giving your units the tiny edge. On the plus side this game will NOT punish you for getting a game over, it lets you keep the cash and EXP you received so farming is possible (Just tedious). On the downside Alpha Gaiden was when they introduced the New Game +, so any and ALL grinding you spend will be worthless when you start a new game.

As common knowledge Banpresto uses Chibi Sprites, this is for two reasons, Scale and Cost. After all Daitarn 3 is BIGGER than most battleships, how is that supposed to fight a Gundam unit without being HORRIBLY one sided? Cost-wise it’s because many studios (Including Surise) charge a TONNE for Full-Sprites, not to mention they tried it in Shin Super Robot Wars and… well… we disregard that one.

If your looking for mindless robot carnage and don’t care for the story, you can get that by skipping dialogue. If you want some knowledge into famous and popular Anime we never got, or cross-series interactions between characters we KNOW; Hell, do you just wanna see Shinji Ikari man up and hack at the Mass Produced Eva with a giant Katana? If so, you will definitely enjoy this game. If you can’t get past the Chibi Sprites or ya don’t like robots, well you can go back to chatting about how the cake is a lie.