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Far East of Eden Zero

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Far East of Eden Zero is a sidekick of the Tengai Makyou series from Hudson and like most of the other titles in it, a RPG. It utilizes a real-time clock for special events like feasts and side quests. Another interesting aspect is the SPC7110 special chip, which compresses the 72 MBit rom data of the Game to 40 MBit. This allows it to include a large variation of music, tons of text and a lot of great graphics. E.g. every monster sprite is only used once in the game and there are no duplicate monsters which only differ in color and strength. Pretty uncommon in a RPG.

The fighting system is very Dragon Quest like and got a traditional JRPG style. A special element is the tech- learning. You don’t get them through your levels and need to search the hidden “hermits”, which teach you new techs or elemental abilities. 3 “Stuff” Slots beside the standard slots (like Armor or Weapon) allow large changes in the stats of the characters and give the player more tactical capabilities. Even special items which affect the game play can be added, like items to breathe underwater or walk normally on ice.

The story is set in the feudal Japan-like world “Jipang”. A evil lord is crafting for power and unseals the demon lord Ninigi. But Ninigi has got his own plan: He seals the gods of Jipang and suppresses the people of all kingdoms with his demon henchmen. After an attack on his village, the protagonist Higen vows for vengeance for his killed grandfather and the journey begins….