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Street Fighter IV (Unl)

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Street Fighter IV is a fighting game developed by Hummer Team, same people behind impressive bootleg games like Kart Fighter, Somari, or Aladdin 4, and published by Gouder Co. in 1993.

Aside from having Street Fighter in the title, it’s a practically original fighting game and should not be confused for the real game released by Capcom fifteen years later.

There are 6 different characters, 5 of which are playable. Each character has a recolor and in the single-player mode, these are essentially more difficult versions of the same character.

In 2005, an updated version of this game appeared on a 15-in-1 multicart, removing all references to Capcom game. At this point, the game is known as ‘The Legend’ or ‘Fighter Legend’.


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Street Fighter IV: Enhanced EditionImprovement07 Jul 2020