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Sangokushi Koumeiden


Game Description:

Sangokushi Koumeiden (which literally translates to “Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Kongming”) is the second installment in the Sangokushi Eiketsuden series of tactical role-playing games by Koei. It is part of a very large number of games Koei has made based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The Sangokushi Eiketsuden series this belongs to is a spinoff of Koei’s main Romance of the Three Kingdoms game series, the main series being turn-based strategy games rather than tactical role-playing games like this one. There are other Romance of the Three Kingdoms spinoff series too, like the Dynasty Warriors series of hack-and-slash games, which is Koei’s most popular, best-selling game franchise.

This game loosely describes the events of Zhuge Liang’s life as depicted in Luo Guanzhong’s historical Chinese epic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Basically you play as Zhuge Liang, the chancellor for King Liu Bei of Shu Han who later rules the kingdom of Shu Han as regent, and it generally follows the story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the game, as Zhuge Liang, you help Liu Bei found the kingdom of Shu Han, conquer territories, take over ruling the kingdom of Shu Han after King Liu Bei dies, fight battles, and try to stay alive as long as possible. It is a sequel to the prior game Sangokushi Eiketsuden where Liu Bei was the playable character.

The game was originally released on Windows. Soon after it was ported to PlayStation and Sega Saturn, with additional stages and features added to the game. Later the PlayStation/Sega Saturn version was also ported to Game Boy Advance.


1 Translation
Sangokushi Koumeiden (ZH)Fully Playable14 Jun 2006