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Chrono Trigger

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Come on, who hasn’t played Chrono Trigger? All of Square’s biggest talents teamed with Dragon Quest producer Yuji Horii and character designer Akira Toriyama to make a truly classic RPG. It’s amazing to think that from a company that puts all of its resources into the Final Fantasy franchise, most people instead consider Chrono Trigger to be the best RPG ever made. Yep, it’s that good. All the loser Squaresoft fanboys you keep seeing and managing to talk to? Play Chrono Trigger and you’ll understand.

You play as Crono, a mute (yet beloved.. why?) character whose friend Lucca accidentally creates a rift in the space-time continuum and sucks a girl back four hundred years in time. You go in to rescue her and set in motion a chain of events that will save the world from total destruction a thousand years from now by an evil otherworldly entity. It’s a good game, seriously.