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Game Description:

Any doubts about my complete and total suckage at fighting games can be officially put to rest, ladies and gentlemen. But I’d like to at least TRY and figure this one out, because it looks super cool! So it’s a fighting game (like I said) that mostly involves various projectiles. And by “mostly,” I don’t mean your cheapass roommate throwing hadokens across the screen one after another. I mean, there is very little hand-to-hand combat involved. It’s somewhat hard to explain in the way I want to explain it, but you can walk or fly around on this fixed plane, like a square. And the opponent is off on another plane across the playing field from yourself. So you mostly throw fireballs like a fiend and hope to God that one of them connects. As you can see from the screenies, one is closer to the player than the other one, but you can switch which side you’re on with the L and R buttons. While you’re switching, you can try and actually attack the other guy, with a punch or sword or whatever. And I SUCK. A lot. I’m so ashamed! But it’s a cool game with awesome graphics, so try it out! You’ll probably like it. Nyah.