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Mortal Kombat 3

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

This game is great despite the short number of characters in comparison to later revisions such as Ultimate MK3 and MK Trilogy. It is great for a few reason. Noob was a cheaply palette swapped Kano because I guess, they didn’t want to film someone in a Ninja costume. This makes him unique in this game. The game is also great because Sub-zero’s Ice Clone move is overpowered in this version. It can be used anywhere and can be used to trap an opponent so he has no way to escape. In later revisions, he can only do it a certain distance away from the opponent. For these reasons, this version of Mortal Kombat rules.


2 Hacks
Mortal Kombat 3: ReduxImprovement22 Sep 2018
Control a NOOBImprovement23 Jul 2005