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    I'd uploaded an incorrect ips file of another game called dynamite duke. Now it's the correct patch
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    Actually included the ips file in this folder! Whoops.
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    Wrong release date.
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    Amending my review due to misconstruing what the patch does, at first. I assumed one of the patches retained the armor graphics and changed the palette, which it actually doesn't do.

New Ghostbusters II

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

New Ghostbusters II is an action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is based on a movie with the same title.


2 Translations
New Ghostbusters II (ES)Fully Playable24 Feb 2019
New Ghostbusters II (RU)Fully Playable14 Apr 2004

4 Hacks
Bigger PictureImprovement27 Aug 2018
New Ghostbusters II PlusImprovement28 Nov 2012
New Ghostbusters II - Winston FixImprovement22 Nov 2012
New Ghostbusters II – 2 playersImprovement03 Jul 2010