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Jet Force Gemini

Nintendo 64

Game Description:

A lot of kids grow up with Star Wars. Some with Star Trek. If you’re from Japan, probably Gundam. I grew up with Star Wars and this thing. This game was awesome and to this day, it surprises me that there aren’t any sequels for it.

This is basically a third person shooter. It’s not actually that great as a “shooter” but rather, it’s more of an action adventure game. You get a variety of guns, stuff that’s standard fare now and and was probably standard fare before. I hadn’t realized it before, but apparently, there’s a collectathon aspect to it. I never noticed because I never finished the game. My young mind never cared, though, because I was busy splattering alien ants. Ah yes. I loved the rainbow blood cheat.

The graphics are very good, probably some of the best for the N64. The human character models are usually pretty stiff (except for the girl’s… assets. Yeah, I noticed them), but the enemies are usually fluid. The environments are pretty nice although they do feel blocky sometimes and a lot of maps like their fog.

The sound for this game is pretty forgettable as it’s very much in “ambience” territory. It works for what it’s for.

I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who takes first person shooters or whatever too seriously. The game has a sense of humor. You don’t take this game too seriously. It’s not Goldeneye, but it was made by the studio that developed Goldeneye, so that’s something. It’s an old game by today’s standards and the graphics would probably make a modern audience barf in disgust. Or not.


1 Hack
Jet Force Gemini Trainer and Co-Op HackImprovement02 Feb 2011