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Star Fox

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

The first in the Star Fox series. One of the games that really pushed the SNES hardware to the max. A 3D rail shooter where you pilot a spacecraft as Fox McCloud.


4 Utilities
sf_decrunchCompression / Decompression31 Jul 2020
SuperFX Object DumperData Extraction / Insertion19 Jun 2018
StarFox Level EditorLevel Editors28 May 2005
StarFox Level EditorLevel Editors28 May 2005

2 Translations
Star Fox (IT)Fully Playable22 Oct 2017
Star Fox (RU)Fully Playable02 May 2016

2 Hacks
Star Fox - Scored EditionAddendum25 Nov 2020
Star Fox Exploration ShowcaseComplete20 Nov 2020