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    Added description. Also, I'm not Galician person, but I'm American person.
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    The hashes were for the patched ROM
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    The Ip file was not working. I fixed it now.
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    Because previous file patch is no match with Japan version ROM, now i add file patch from Japanese version and all i have been translate into Indonesian.

Kid Chameleon

Sega Genesis

Game Description:

Kid Chameleon is an action platformer for the Sega Genesis.


1 Document
Kid Chameleon Hacking InfoGame Specific25 Sep 2008

1 Utility
K-E: The Kid Chameleon EditorLevel Editors10 Feb 2010

1 Translation
Kid Chameleon (ES)Fully Playable20 Jul 2018

5 Hacks
Kid Chameleon SRAMImprovement23 Jan 2021
Kid Chameleon: The Last ShowdownComplete26 Sep 2020
Kid Chameleon 3: The Final MarathonComplete28 Jul 2019
Kid Chameleon 2: Heady Metal's RevengeComplete17 May 2017
Kid Chameleon Puzzle MapComplete06 Feb 2010