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Mega Man IV

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Well, it’s Mega Man. If you’ve played any 8-bit Mega Man games, you know what to expect. If not, it’s a solid platformer with great graphics, great music and sound effects, and (since you can play the first eight stages in any order) great replay value.

The game starts with the backstory of the original game as well as this one, which is a nice touch since Mega Man 1 had no such opening story sequence. Just like before, our hero must defeat eight robots, along with the mad scientist who created them…only this time it’s apparently a different mad scientist! Dun dun duuuunnnnn! As always, when you beat a Robot Master, you gain its weapon. Each Master is weak against one of the others’ weapons. Additions from the previous entries are back, like energy tanks, Rush the robo-dog, and the ability to slide. A welcome new feature is the ability to charge your main weapon, which gives you a slight edge if you haven’t yet obtained a particular boss’s weakness. There are two new support items: the balloon and the wire. The balloon lets you create floating platforms to jump onto (just like Item 1 in Mega Man 2) and the wire latches onto the ceiling and pulls you upward. They seem a little unnecessary since Rush is still present, but they give you more options to tackle any situation. This game is a little more difficult than Mega Man 2 and 3. I’d say it’s on par with the original in the challenge department. My only gripe with this game (along with the next two entries in the series) is that you don’t get a new password after the first castle. The player receives a password after each of the first eight stages, but is expected to play the last eight in one sitting.

So, overall, Mega Man 4 is a good action game. It doesn’t really stray from the formula, but there are enough new features to keep it interesting and it is definitely worth a try.