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Utilities: Zero Mission Level Header Editor


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Update By: Neil

interdpth over on the acmlm boards has created a tool to edit the level headers in Metroid: Zero Mission for the Gameboy Advance. This allows you to choose different music, set new offsets for maps, change the speed at which the background moves for water, change enemy sprite sheets and more. It is a teaser of sorts, as he does have a full fledged level editor in the works.

There doesn't seem to be a web page for this project at the moment, but feel free to let him know how cool this little utility is by leaving him a comment in the thread linked below.

Relevant Link: (

Oh wow!  ;D  This is incredible. This is quality work. I just know the upcoming editor will be something special. interdpth, I don't know anything about programming, but If you need any help with any other type of task, just ask. I'd love to help make this editor as good as it can be.

I see he still hasn't totally figured out the enemy pointer format despite myself trying to explain it to him countless times.  I am pretty sure there are 3 enemy offsets and 2 switches.

Updated the editor same link as before. Added support for enemy placement

I updated the version available here.


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