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Author Topic: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database  (Read 15578 times)


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Re: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database
« Reply #20 on: January 20, 2010, 04:24:49 pm »
Lovely how no Resident Evil translation gives proper credit to the person who removed the protection on data (which rendered hacking the game pretty much impossible): Phoenix of SadNES cITy. Some people really know how to be ungrateful.

He's probably gotten used to it, much like how I've gotten used to how people say "someone found out that Castlevania II's awful translation is actually spot-on accurate, 'graveyard duck' and all". ^_^;
I can't find the post, but I think that was one of mine, and I never said the entire thing was spot on, but that line did mention a duck in a graveyard. NPCs do lie in that game.
I know this is post revival but I feel like I should clean my name. I just found about Phoenix being the creator of the RE hack (Master_luc from the portuguese translation just gave it to me never speaking about Phoenix), and I now have talked with him, get us in peace and credit him as well.


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Re: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database
« Reply #21 on: April 03, 2010, 01:42:35 am »
Sorry to revival this topic.

Actually , I´ve said Ilducci about Phoenix, if i´m don´t make any mistake, you tried to contact him without sucess, i don´t remember well, however.
so then I gave to you the poperly information about the protection data.
just to clean all of it, I never tried to take the "credit" to myself, in all my post in the brazilian forum i did the credits to Phoenix.
that´s all, i´m glad that everyone is in peace and the credit returns to his owner (phoenix).
without him, 2 versions of Resident evil 1 should never be completed; we thank him for all.
is good that this misunderstand is finally resolved.

best regards