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RHDN Policy
« on: December 04, 2008, 11:42:16 am »
    Note: This will be the official RHDN policy thread. Only modifications and clarifications of policy will be permitted in this thread; discussions and disagreements with policy should be taken up with RHDN staff via PMs; if a public discussion is warranted, they will start a thread.[/list]


    Utilities not carried by RHDN:
    • Game specific SRAM or savestate editors are classified as cheat utilities with the primary purpose of aiding in game cheating/enhancing which is beyond the scope of RHDN. Documentation on SRAM or savestate hacking is preferred and more educational for our visitors.
    • Password Generators may also be classified as cheat utilities and out of scope unless they contain ROM hacking related information such source code with engine details, or documentation such as this example entry.


     0-Day (Zero-day) translations
    • RHDN does not condone translations of products that have only recently been released and have been either announced as coming to the United States or can reasonably be expected to receive such an announcement.
    • Especially if it falls under any one of these points, we do not want it here:
      • Compete with developers.
      • Need to have the latest pirated release coming out this month.
      • Are too impatient to wait for official releases, annoying us here and encouraging piracy on RHDN.
      • Trying to peddle and distribute their ROM releases here.
      • Need 0-day project attention.


    • For current generation platforms, submissions are restricted to news, documents, and utilities. No hacks or translations for these systems are permitted at this time. The following is a list of what are, at the time of writing, considered 'current' platforms:
      • Nintendo 3DS
      • Nintendo Switch
      • Playstation 4
      • Playstation Vita
      • Xbox One

    • If you have material for a platform that is a.) not available to select in site drop down boxes and b.) does not fall into the above current generation restrictions, please contact staff alerting them of the material you'd like to add along with the platform option that is not currently provided.


    Removal Requests
    • RHDN files are believed to be public domain, freeware, or contain license for distribution. If you have found, or are the owner of, a file that you believe RHDN does not have right or license to distribute, you may use the [ EDIT ] link to edit the entry. You may remove the file using the 'No File' checkbox within the form. Notation should be added in the entry's description field notifying the public of the removal, and detailed reason for removal or dispute. RHDN is a publicly maintained site and this will ensure the file in question is not added back at a later date by someone else. Additionally, removal submissions with inadequate information cannot be processed by staff screeners. All other entry related material is RHDN public content and not subject to removal.

    File Submissions

    File Types
    The following file types are currently accepted by the upload form:
    • Multi-Platform Compression:
      • ZIP
      • RAR
      • 7Z
      • TAR.GZ
      • BZ2
    • Windows:
      • EXE
    • Mac OSX:
      • DMG
    • Document Formats:
      • DOC
      • RTF
      • TXT
      • HTML
      • PDF
    • Readme Formats:
      • TXT
    • Image Formats:
      • GIF
      • PNG
      • JPG
      • JPEG
      • Image Resolution
        • Clean, natural console resolution screenshots are requested. Please see our Additional Help page for more details.

    Hack Submission Criteria

    RHDN has taken a quality over quantity approach for its hacks section. The rules are fairly simple:
    • Hacks must be complete. No 'demos.'
      • I.e. no incomplete sprite hacks (only editing the main character or half of the background textures)
      • The same applies to N64 texture hacks.
      • The one major exception: Font Edits are currently allowed.
    • Single hack exceptions can be made by community vote. Please contact a staff member who will bring it up for discussion.
    • Please see the Hack Submission Page for full details.


    Primary Title
    The Primary Title should be the earliest official English title. If no official English title exists, it should be the original release title, no matter the language origin (i.e. Seiken Densetsu 3).

    • Titles should match the cover/box art as closely as possible (i.e. Titles such as "The 7th Saga" should be written as is. Roman numerals should be written as shown and not substituted. Special characters such as in "Pok√©mon" should be written as is.).
    • Each word should begin with a capital letter. Words such as "the", "of", "from", "and", "or". and "to" are not written with a capital letter unless it's the first word in the title or subtitle.
    • Main title with subtitles should be written in the form of "Title: Subtitle" (i.e. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse).
    • Main title with subtitles and chapter or special edition should be written in the form of "Title: Subtitle - Chapter/Edition" (i.e. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future

    Alternate Titles
    The Alternate Titles field should typically be one of the following:

    • If the Primary Title is English, and game title was not originally English, this is the title in the original language. (i.e. if the original title is Mega Man 3, this would be Rockman 3)
    • If the game does not have an official English title, and thus the Primary Title is not in English, this is a fan-translated English title. (i.e. Rudra no Hihou as the primary, and Treasure of the Rudras as alternate)
    • Multiple Alternate Titles can be added, separated via semicolon, to add the following:
      • Official foreign titles of the game.
      • Official abbreviations of the title.
      • Romanization of Official Title - Latin character only. No accented characters.

    Release Date
    • If the game was released in more than one country, the earliest date should be used. In most console game releases, this is the Japanese release date.
    • The date should be written in the following format:    DD Month YYYY (An example of this format is: 02 December 2006)
    • The release date should be from GameFAQs if a better source is not known. You may enter a month and a year such as 'April 2007' or just a year as '2007' if only a partial release date is known."

    Title Screen
    • The title screen image should reflect the version of the game the primary title refers to.

    • The Publisher should reflect the Primary Title's release of game.
    • The Publisher should reflect the company name at the time of publication (typically what appears on the title screen. Consult GameFAQs if unsure.)
    • Use Informal company names. Suffixes like Co/Corp/Ltd should be omitted.

    • Genres disputes shall be decided by referring to GameFAQs as an authoritative source.
    • If the sub-genre exists on RHDN, it should be chosen. If it does not, the first available genre up the chain should be chosen.
    • If none of the available genres exist on RHDN, 'Other' should be chosen. Alternatively, the issue may be raised with staff to add a new genre to the list.

    Game Description
    • Describe the game with absolute points in mind.
    • Should not a be written as a game review.
    • Summarize the story of the game, but do not include potential spoilers.
    • Descriptions should be written in third person as is standard in academic or professional writing.

    News Submissions

    • If you are submitting news relating to a document, utility, or patch release (incomplete/demo ROM hacks do not apply), please go to Submit Files, create an entry, and add the file to our site. For updates, you can simply edit the existing entry page! After your submission is approved, you should submit the news article with a link to the entry page in the 'RHDN Project Page' field. News articles without a corresponding project page (where applicable) may be delayed or rejected. This process ensures all news and entry pages will be properly linked and be able to be cross referenced by our visitors.
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    Re: RHDN Policy
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    DateModified ByReason
    2008-12-04Kiyoshi AmanCreation of this thread.
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    2008-12-21NeilAdded file formats for file submissions.
    2008-12-21NeilAdded hack submission criteria.
    2008-12-23Kiyoshi AmanMade file format & hack submission criteria look nicer.
    2008-12-23Kiyoshi AmanCorrect a file extension typo.
    2008-12-25NeilAdded BZ2 to the file formats list.
    2009-01-26Kiyoshi AmanAdded RHDN policy for translations of products announced for the United States.
    2009-01-26Kiyoshi AmanClarified translation policy.
    2009-08-11TauwasserAdded PDF format, removed outdated links.
    2009-08-12TauwasserIncorporated Nightcrawler's basic checklist for 0-day localizations.
    2009-10-21NightcrawlerRevised console policy.
    2009-11-12NightcrawlerAdded Utility policy. Linked Hack Submission Criteria details.
    2010-10-26NightcrawlerAdded Game Title policy for Primary and Alternate Title Fields.
    2010-11-03NightcrawlerAdded Game Release Date and Title Screen Info. Minor edit to Game Title policy.
    2011-03-03NightcrawlerAddressed a few outdated items. Copied News submission policy from news page.
    2013-02-27NightcrawlerAdded Genre and Publisher policies.
    2014-07-01AzkadelliaRevised console policy.
    2017-03-21AzkadelliaRevised console policy.
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