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Author Topic: Translations: New Project - Hexa Space 01: Seren  (Read 6489 times)


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Translations: New Project - Hexa Space 01: Seren
« on: March 22, 2006, 01:59:05 pm »

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Update By: filler

I've started work on a short doujin game called Hexa Space 01: Seren. It is by a 3D CG artist I like. It turns out that the game is VERY easy to hack, not requiring any of the usual technical know-how other than how to use a hex editor. Consequently I'm working on this one by myself and progress has been really good so far. All of the battle menus, items, stats, characters, etc. have been translated and inserted. Some of the script has been dumped, translated, and inserted including the intro and the first bit of dialog. This game is for over 18 only. Check the linkage for more info.

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