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Author Topic: Translations: Lufia & The Fortress of Doom - 100% German Translation just released  (Read 7739 times)


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Update By: FloBo

The final version  (v1.0) of the German translation for “Lufia & The Fortress of Doom” has been released! This is the first patch ever released translating the complete dialog script of the game, as well as all text graphics into German. This is comprised of over 3000 dialog strings (that corresponds to more than 300 pages of text in font size 10 in an office document). Of course all menu screens and items are German as well.

Please provide feedback to digisalt_AT_gmx_DOT_de if you like to and have fun with the patch :)

RHDN German Lufia  Page

Relevant Link: (


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Ausgezeichnet!  Ich freue mich zu spielen!


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Vielen Dank! :thumbsup:


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