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Author Topic: Other: EFF's Patent Busters Take Aim at Nintendo's Handheld Emulation Patent  (Read 14949 times)


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Does No$GMB fall under "low-capability target platform"? It ran on my 486. :P
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It even runs on 286ers and XT/ATs.


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I was thinking about the version of MESS that was ported to digital cameras in the late 90s. I don't know exactly when that was done though, so it might be too late...

I was thinking of that too, but from what I can find so far, it looks like the initial public release was possibly Oct. 23, 1999 (i.e.: too late, unless they have older, working, private builds available to submit as evidence).  :-\


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I e-mailed Toma about submitting his Momotaro Thunderbolt translation. It came out prior to the target date and should fit the EFF's needs.


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I remember playing ZSNES / SNES9x back in what, 1996? Or 97...

That takes me back. Hmm snes96 and snes97 before 9x? How about esnes or when VSMC went pay... Ugh... Not to mention requests for that never going to exist emulator: "snesticle"  :police:
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