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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: Phantasy Star IV: Arranged Version released by Sixfortyfive  (Read 4059 times)


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Update By: Sixfortyfive

PSIV Arranged Version is a slightly more difficult version of PSIV. The main differences include a significantly slower EXP/MST gain in addition to new item and weapon uses. The goal of this romhack is not to force the player to grind for more levels and cash, but simply to force him or her to examine dozens of options that the game makes available to the player that may have otherwise been overlooked in a normal play through.

This patch is intended for PSIV veterans who would appreciate a challenge level somewhere between that of the relatively easy vanilla PSIV and some of the existing (and maddeningly difficult) PSIV hacks. The readme lists several specific changes made to character stats, player techs and skills, items, and weaponry.

RHDN Phantasy Star IV: Arranged Version Page

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