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Author Topic: Mass Effect Zero  (Read 1861 times)


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Mass Effect Zero
« on: July 13, 2014, 03:42:20 pm »
Just thought I'd share a little of my current project, now I have time to work on it again... I'm hacking the Mega Drive version of Starflight into a Mass Effect game. Not a lot of progress so far, but its good to share!

The commander in N7 style armour

Title screen (glitchy, DMA has screwed my brain with tilemaps)

Full shot of the commander on the starbase:-

I've got a friend helping me with the script, and I'm fully documenting my progress, plans, and ideas here. I'm a total newb, so going through my thought process is really helping me.

EDIT: spelling and BBcode are hard with autocorrect
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