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Author Topic: [Technical/Graphics]Putting the finishing touches on Napoleon for GBA  (Read 390 times)


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Hi, everyone! To preface this post, a couple of years ago, I hammered out a complete-ish translation of Napoleon (known as "L'Aigle de Guerre" [Eagle of War] in French) using the tools of the previous translator. Napoleon is maybe the only RTS game on the Game Boy Advance, and if not, it's one of the very few. It follows Napoleon after the French Revolution on a quest to defend France from an evil sorceress (spoilers: it's Marie Tussaud, the wax artist with all the museums). The game was developed by Genki (best known for Jade Cocoon and the Shutokou Battle series) and published by Nintendo. It was only released in Japan and France, and the translation was based on the French version of the game. It's a unique little game, and while it's not the best game ever, I think it deserves to be talked about a little more.

Now, I want to go back and finish the project as much as I can. That would include:
  • Rewriting the script
  • Getting playtesters to look for typos/text errors/untranslated text
  • Editing the graphical text from French to English
  • Overhauling the method of text insertion to get around character limits
I'm able to do the first part and second part on my own just fine, but I'm too novice a romhacking to do the other two on my own. To clarify on the fourth bullet, the original translator's tools work by allowing someone to overwrite text. However, with this method, no new line can be longer than the original. For example, if the line is "Bonjour", then the equivalent line can only be 7 characters long. In my translation, from what I remember, I was able to get around this well enough, but for a second attempt, it would be great to break free from this limitation.
If anybody thinks that they would be able to help me out, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Thanks for reading!