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Author Topic: [Translation][SNES]Mario\'s Super Picross  (Read 577 times)


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[Translation][SNES]Mario\'s Super Picross
« on: September 19, 2021, 12:13:31 am »
I'm currently looking for a new translator for Mario's Super Picross to translate from Japanese to English. A large amount of work has already been done. A graphic decompressor and inserter has been created. And text can be dumped and inserted.

Please see below for a download to an excel spreadsheet with the Japanese script:

Please insert the English translation in the "New" column. The puzzle names (on a different tab) have already been translated by me through the use of a dictionary, and I would those to be looked over for correctness. "New (Preview)" contains contents from "New" with a bunch of formatting to remove other data such as animation data. Make sure that any edits are done to "New". The puzzles' pictures are located here if you need some extra context

After your translation is sent over, I will look them over and send the spreadsheet over to approve my changes.

Also, please translate this screen. The text is stored as graphics and it's for an unused save screen leftover from the game Mario's Super Picross is based on:

If you need cheat codes or savestates to get to a specific part of the game to obtain more context, let me know.

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Hi, everyone. I didn't think I'd have to say this, but if you wish to volunteer, I am looking for someone who knows Japanese to translate from Japanese to English. Please don't use a machine translator. I am able to tell if you do.
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Re: [Translation][SNES]Mario\'s Super Picross
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2021, 09:34:18 pm »
Hi, I finished the translation  :) If you wanna drop me a DM I can send over the excel file.