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Author Topic: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max Music Replacement Questions  (Read 386 times)

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max Music Replacement Questions
« on: July 27, 2021, 04:29:09 pm »
Just a small preface:
I really like SFA3 but I found the soundtrack atrocious. I'd really like to replace the themes with classic franchise songs instead, but some guidance would be appreciated.

I believe the game uses the adx format and UMDGen can be used to insert the replacements and validade the new compilation, but I'm wondering if the format is ubiquitous enough that I could source the songs directly from another game.
Ideally, I'd like to get the remixes present in SFA Anthology for the PS2 and insert them there where applicable.

I've seen a similar hack around but it mostly uses SF4, SFxT and SF5 songs which, in my opinion sound a little out of place.

Edit: I found some useful tools for this endeavor. If I can pull it off, I'll be sure to share the fruits of the labor here in the
form of a patch.

Edit 2: I've been having limited success. The converter I found isn't doing a good job at keeping sound quality intact, and I'm not sure exactly what kind of bitrate the PSP works with. Whenever I try to convert the music sounds faster and also poorer in quality.
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