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Author Topic: FFVIII PSX/PSONE - How to break HP limit for party members and guardian forces.  (Read 624 times)


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Isn't there a hex editing software to break HP limit of party members and guardian forces from 9999 to 32000/32767 to make a patch like this?

I saw a new mod of FFVIII that would break damage limit.

If HP is above 9999. FOr example, you had 10500 HP, it would be displayed 0500/0500...


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I saw a new mod of FFVIII that would break damage limit.
Well, where did you find that mod? That would be a good place to start. Did the author give any indication of what software might have been used to create it?
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As ever hex editors are not magic. If someone has a guide using one there is a lot of work you were likely not seeing happening in the background.

In this case the standard thing to do is find the health value (standard cheat search thing of search, take some damage (maybe be poisoned), search for things that changed, take some damage, search....). Once you have the location in memory you can then set a breakpoint and take a potion. Part of that will involve behaviours at maximum health so you don't go over the limit. Once you have those behaviours you can start editing to exceed what the game normally takes as a maximum.
In some cases you might be able to force a max health value above what it wants, though other times max health is a function of level, stats or something so not as easy to change.


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Not sure about if he want to talk about this.
Cue made a experimental patch for FF7 to do more damage of 9999.
Maybe the limit was 65535 or /2
because negative values (Healing)

The team Traducciones XT that retranslate FF7 had this tool.

I only know change RAM values,
and the feature of Eden GF can be used with all type of attacks, I think.
But it is hard to find that offset using only "value is different".