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Author Topic: Geppy-X Translation Project (Severe WIP)  (Read 969 times)


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Geppy-X Translation Project (Severe WIP)
« on: May 09, 2021, 10:32:32 pm »
This thread is to announce my attempts to translate 70’s Robot Anime: Geppy-X for PS1.
It’s one of the rarest, and most unique titles on the platform: a 4-Disc side-scrolling shooter built in the style of a 1970’s mecha anime, hence the title.
The game is technically playable without any Japanese knowledge, but the full experience means watching some anime in-between.

The bad news is that this game needs a master-class hack and I don't have the skills for it.

Audio Transcript: This game is severely lacking in actual text, so I’ve spent several weeks transcribing all the audio/movies as best I can.
At this point, there are only about a dozen lines (out of over 1000) that I’m not 100% confident on. (If you look through, they’ll be highlighted in cyan.)
It could also do with an actual human translation beyond the "rewriting what pops out of DeepL" that I've been doing.

Movie Subtitles: All timed, translation incomplete. (See above.)

Graphical Edits: Title cards, Location & Boss Labels are WIP.
I think I've worked out a process to make properly paletted graphics.
Only ones I can really show off at this point are episode title cards/loading screens as the rest are uninserted UI and compressed story scenes

(Sadly, the JP text is burned on, and the episode titles switch up the BG too often to clean them up without major guesswork.
On the bright side, it sorta aids the aesthetic I was aiming for, that being a fansubbed anime. Which isn’t that, in the end, what this is with so many extra steps?)

Decompress Graphics:
Most of the graphics were extracted easily with JPSXDEC, with the exception of the story slideshows which come out jumbled like so: (Emulator capture on left, jpsxdec output on right)

I tried 3 other programs and they spat out the same, so it’s definitely compressed somehow.
I'm just clueless as to how. If anyone has seen anything with similar compression, even a lead would be a great help.

In-Game Subtitles: This is the big one.
This game has three types of scenarios where dialogue is involved:
-Movies: FMV cutscenes
-Slideshows: limited-to-no-animation story scenes with audio accompaniment (images are compressed on-disc, audio isn’t.)
-In-Game: Game halts to let an audio scene play out

Movies can be subbed simply enough, either hardsubbed or some of that on-the-fly overlay magic all the cool kids are doing.

But any in-game subtitling would have to be done from scratch, and that is WAY out of my league.
And a dub is pretty much out of the question due to the sheer scale and lack of materials (all audio scenes are full mixes with instrumental BGM not known to be available).

Further progress hinges on those hurdles, so I'm making this thread to show what I got, and see if anyone any interest or advice.

TLDR: I think this anime robot game is neat. All the audio/graphics are feasibly translatable, and I've put some strides into making it so. But I can’t hack to save my life, so I’ve hit a wall. Help.


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Re: Geppy-X Translation Project (Severe WIP)
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2021, 06:27:37 pm »
It's too bad that I can't help you because this game is one of these PS1 titles that absolutely deserves translation. Unfortunately in my attempts to learn romhacking there were obstacles that I was never able to overcome. I know that it may sound bad because this post don't bring a lot to the table but I really hope that you will find some help.