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Author Topic: [Technical] Star Fox Hacking Discord - We need SNES ASM experts  (Read 718 times)

Joshua Schaferhund

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Hey guys,

In light of the gigaleaks from Nintendo that happened last year, my friend created a Discord server dedicated to studying and modifying Star Fox 1 and 2's leaked source code and possibly compiling Star Fox 64 from the iQue source. We are specifically looking for people that are experienced wih 65C816 assembly language as that would help tremendously with understanding the more complex parts of these games.

I'd also encourage you to check out my friend Kandowontu's discord as well, as he is responsible for the exploration showcase SF1 hack
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Re: [Technical] Star Fox Hacking Discord - We need SNES ASM experts
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Just a note to anyone that might report this thread for any violations such as advertising (Rule 4): I weighed carefully whether this really fits in this subforum, but in the end decided it is for a specific purpose and I'm aware that many if not all of the people involved have already put in substantial work. If you have any concerns, please PM me.