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Author Topic: Ojamajo Doremi Sharp: Mahodou Dance Carnival! (PSX) English Translation  (Read 851 times)

Magical Doremi Sharp PSX

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Ojamajo Doremi known as Magical DoReMi in English language adaptations, is a magical girl anime metaseries consisting of four regular TV anime series, one 13-episode sidestory, two anime films, and a manga series. The various series were aired from 1999-2003, with companion movies to the second and third seasons. A thirteen episode sidestory TV series was aired in 2004. A manga adaptation, written by Izumi Todo and illustrated by Shizue Takanashi, was published by Kodansha. The show is about elementary school children that transform into witch apprentices.

After losing their witch apprenticeship to ensure Hana's growth.Doremi and the girls are given another chance to get their apprenticeship back by appealing to the Witch Senate with sweets. As neither of the girls know how to bake well, the Queen introduces Momoko Asuka into their group to aid their quest.

In Doremi's daily life, Momoko also becomes her classmate, but due to living in New York for most of her life, she is unable to speak Japanese well in her normal form and is unfamiliar with Japanese culture.

While Doremi and the girls patiently teach her, they are also given temporary custody of Hana-chan, who was cursed with the former witch queen's magic to hate vegetables, which are crucial to her health

Kids Station - Magical Doremi Sharp: Mahodou Dance Carnival! is a collection of dancing mini games with different game modes:
1 - Story mode: Advance through different stories that the game will tell you before going to the dancing stage.
2 - Free mode: Play any dancing stage with your favourite character.
3 - Vs mode: Play against another human player in any dancing stage.
4 - Stories listening mode: See all the different game stories.

The game features Voice, Artwork & Music collections.

anufacturer's description:

While my favorite character and play, discipline and Iku Tomo, English and familiar with the popular series can be acquired and various other rhythm [Ojamajo Doremi] appeared. Press the button in time with music, dance, dance well. Stage is inserted between the original animated movie, you can acquire a sense of pitch and rhythm fun.

•Third person perspective.
•2D graphics
•Cartoon graphics
•Magic, Dancing & Anime themes.