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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: What started as a simple roster update became a monster! A monster jam, that is!  (Read 1437 times)


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Update By: eskayelle

Eskayelle / Double Z’s next iteration in the 2Kxx series goes beyond portrait and roster revisions.  Armed with the tutelage of heavy hitters phonymike and Mattrizzle, 2K21 is packed with the following features:

  • Title screen edited to reflect 2K21.
  • Team roll call screen and center court edited to reflect 2K21 in NBA Jam TE logo.
  • Various roster updates.
  • Various player replacements.
  • Various portrait updates.
  • Various sound replacements.
  • New banners.
  • Attract mode text edits ("ATTENTION NBA FANS" screen and features screens).
  • Ending text and end credits text edits.
  • New secret players.
  • Expanded secret player table AND allowance for record saving and campaign mode play.
  • Team select screen allows backward cycling through player combinations.
  • Update to play full/longer announcer sound clips.
  • Team campaign order revised for 2019-20 season.
  • Play as Benny the Bull in all his red glory!
  • End of quarter/game shoe and tile dimming bugfix.
  • Options menu color bug fix.
  • Remapping of campaign mode difficulty increments from individual players to teams.
  • Sound clip added when successfully entering a Konami code on the Start menu.

Plus, don’t forget all the previous features from NBA Jam 2K20 TE!


RHDN Project Page

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If you haven't played any of the previous mods, like 2K17, Double Z, or 2K20, make sure you play this one. Such great love and care is given to this series.
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Only 148 hours compared to the previous 2K20's 213 hours, what a downgrade!


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 :laugh:  Indeed.  I got lazy!

TBH, if you just wanted to do a roster update for Jam, you could now use 2K21 as a real solid base (2K20 too, actually) and probably get portraits, attributes, and text/roster in somewhere between 50-75 hours annually.  I just got caught up in the opportunity to learn more about the game, do some clean-ups, and knock out some enhancements from my Hack Ideas thread post from a few years back.

The delayed season was also a big motivator in me picking up the hack again, as it gave me plenty of time to fiddle with portraits and ask more questions about ASM concepts.

Enjoy the game!  :beer:


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this is awesome. thanks for your work, brother


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No prob!  Please feel free to toss in a review, if you have some time, and spread the word/love!   :beer: