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Author Topic: [Graphics/Technical] [GBA] Final Fight One - Redux Edition  (Read 381 times)


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[Graphics/Technical] [GBA] Final Fight One - Redux Edition
« on: October 07, 2020, 05:15:36 am »
Hi everyone,

I need help on inserting these graphics to my Final Fight One hack, including fix a bug as well.

You can check out my hack here:

Here's what I need help on:

I want to replace Rolento's sprites with the ones from Final Fight 2, the custom sprites were made by PrimeOP:

The reason why he has only three walking frames and one jump kick frame is because I want to change their behavior to be more like their FF2 counterparts and also replicate the SNES limitations that the other characters in this game have as well.

So I need someone to change them to be more like how they behaved in FF2.

I also want to replace Jessica's sprites that are used in the intro for stage 1 with these, they were made by kensuyjin33:

Including find a way to get Damnd to hold her, instead of her sitting on top of his arm as well.

I also want to replace the Japanese font that appears underneath the title screen logo with this, it was made by kensuyjin33:

I also want to replace Alpha Guy's standing sprite with this edit I did, I changed his right leg to look more like his SFA counterpart:

I also need help on fixing this bug that appears underneath Alpha Cody's portrait when you select him, I circled the location of it:

I recently discovered that the Game Clear BGM is in this port, but hidden. I would like that to be played after you defeat Belger instead of the Round Clear music.

According to the Zophar Music website, the track number for it is 99:

That's why I'm looking for a GBA hacking expert that can insert the new sprites, change the behavior of those frames, have Damnd holding Jessica, fix the bug and restore the unused music track.

If someone can help me on all of this, that will be great.
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