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Author Topic: Gathering google search results info in a batch (checking game ost popularity)  (Read 697 times)


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Is there a tool that you can feed a bunch of terms (game titles) into and quickly get the results for how popular they are on google in a list?

Example list:
secret of mana snes music
robocop 3 nes music
virtua fighter 2 arcade music

Google trends is pretty good but i'm interested in the total search results number.

It should also narrow the results down to a subtopic like music properly (as on YT), not include non-related results as it does now.
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There are command line tools to pull search results you could probably feed to grep, sed and awk. I don't know what exists for cut down versions these days (there used to be old versions for IE5, sidebars or whatever) but they might be of interest and might also yield something of interest. There was another (turns out Zelda II is the most popular/influential in Japan once they accounted for odd search results/different languages) but I can't remember/find the link right now.