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Author Topic: PJ64 won't load edited romhack  (Read 359 times)


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PJ64 won't load edited romhack
« on: August 13, 2020, 11:11:59 pm »
I recently discovered a SM64 hack that let's the player change gravity direction with the press of a button.
Since it isn't that useful in the original game, that gave me an idea to make my own levels for it.
The problem is, when I try to open it in a Level Editor like SM64 Rom Manager, the emulator won't load.
Any ideas? I'm using Project64.
Every time I get an idea for a new romhack I always seem to run into a big problem that stops me from completing it.
So far I've had corrupted ROMs, damaged carts, load errors, import errors, BSOD errors, hard drive errors and more errors.
I wonder what will happen next...