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Author Topic: Street Figher IV: Enhanced Edition. A question, just for curiosity...  (Read 1418 times)


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Greetings from Barcelona!

Finally, my graphic improvement of this game was released 8), and after 48/72h, a 1.1 version will be available with some bugs fixed.

A funny detail, is that you can play as the final boss using some hex: Someone located in the NES memory the value of the characters in the selection screen (0000F2), and if just after choosing we change that value to "05" or "0B", we can play as Musashi or Conbon >:D.

As far as I know (zero programming skills, I've never opened a programming book and absolutely basic concepts are strange to me), cause the change is made in that part of the memory, it doesn't stay saved.

I also see that apparently, each of the ten characters has a unique value (even though they are 5 characters repeated with different name, portrait and color palette).

So (hypothetically), if someone were to locate the value of one of the duplicate (and therefore expendable) characters from the selection screen in the ROM, the change will be permanent, and they would only have to replace their portrait in the selection and vs. screen to make Musashi an available character :thumbsup:.

Frankly, this is out my skills so, the question (or request) is: Will someone accept to help me with this? I think users would appreciate it (this game isn't very good, its value is 100% nostalgic).

I also wouldn't mind someone doing it on their own and publishing it as an addendum. One way or another, the result would be enjoyed by all.

Thanks in advance for your help.