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Author Topic: Legend of Mana - Combat Redux - Basic tweaking questions  (Read 971 times)


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Legend of Mana - Combat Redux - Basic tweaking questions
« on: March 26, 2020, 05:46:43 pm »
Hack in questions.

I tried this hack a while back and had some fun but I couldn't get past some of the issues I had with it. I really want to play this game again and I want to use most of the stuff from this hack but I was curious how much effort it would take to remove certain aspects from it (mostly the lack of hitstun).

So it looks like all the changes are documented in the .asm files so it would it just be a matter of opening up the .ppf files and removing those values? What program is used to edit these?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Legend of Mana - Combat Redux - Basic tweaking questions
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2020, 09:03:48 am »
Removing the hitstun was the central point of this hack, since endlessly stunlocking enemies is really easy with most weapons and one of the things driving the lack of difficulty/undermining the enemy level boosts in Nightmare and No Future mode.

The only other changes I made here that I ended up agreeing with were increasing enemy walk speed and slowing the player's movement speed down, and I don't think those really matter much if hitstun's disabled.

The attack multiplier system I tried to come up with did not work how I intended it to.

If you want a harder version of LoM, try the Japanese version -- the level scaling was changed/bugged? in the US release so all of the enemies are underleveled, as far as I can tell. (The US version also introduced a number of other bugs, most of which don't really seem to be documented, none of which I have any idea how to address). ((Also, since the enemies aren't underleveled in the Japanese version, they do significantly-more-enough damage that abusing stunlock is a lot less safe when you're dealing with a group)).

The asm files aren't really well structured -- I was compiling those separately and then manually reinserting them into the decompressed data? program? files using a hex editor.

Also not sure if you're the person that PM'd me -- the notification email I got isn't showing me that for some reason >:T -- but the only special tool I used was
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Re: Legend of Mana - Combat Redux - Basic tweaking questions
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2020, 01:42:02 pm »
Hey I really appreciate the response.

There are actually a few other additions I think are pretty good (from the standard patch).

Higher damage dealt to the player.
Nerf damage of plunging attacks.
Maybe it's just a placebo but enemies do seem to attack more because of their faster movement speed.
ST seems to build a lot slower.

The biggest problem I have with the hitstun removal is how vulnerable you are when alone. Makes taking a companion or pet seem almost essential (not to mention NPCs seem a lot more powerful now). Either that or use some of the more obviously busted abilities like Counterstrike or Whirl.

Anyhow, I really appreciate the work you put in. I've gotten somewhat use to the combat at this point and it's really great to experience this game again and to actually have to put some thought into the battles.

Also, the NA version's difficulty was nerfed? So lame. I did always think it was odd that no matter how far away from Home I place areas enemies levels were always lower then mine.

Anyhow, I just put this out there in case the change was something easy to make (ie. I could do it) but it looks like it may be a lot tougher then I thought.